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April 25, 2011

Cliniqe Party Take Two

I have been an avid reader of ProjectVanity since I can't remember when. haha. Since then, I am eyeing to meet the "Ms. Liz Lanuzo" of ProjectVanity . She's one of my favorite bloggers due to her sincere product reviews from make-up, to dress, shoes, places to visit and a LOT more kaya peg ko talagang makita or ma-meet man lang sya. haha. obvious ba? If I'm into make-up, beauty, fashion, and vanity nowadays it's all because of her. Sya ang salarin! haha. I came to realize my love for make-up, skincare, dressing up, and all the other kikay stuff because of her din. haha.

Anyway, nag-organize na sya ng Clinique Party before but wasn't lucky enough to reserve a slot. :( Kaya namern nung nagpost sya sa facebook if we would want to have a Clinique party take two, comment agad ang lola niyo, like HELL YEAH PLEASE! haha. syempre hindi ganyan yung exact comment ko. pero parang ganyan na rin. haha. like deperado ang lola mo :)) Kaya nung in-announce niya registration for the 2nd Clinique party, email agad ang lola niyo kay Ms. Liz. Luckily, I was able to reserve a slot. Muntik na ko tumumbling nung nagreply sya sa email ko. haha. Told ya, I'm a BIG FAN. hihi. 

Anyhoo, after receiving confirmation for my reserved slot, isip agad ang lola mo ng outfit. Na-PRESSURE ako nung pinost niya outfits ng previous attendees ng party. Xempre ayaw pa KABOG ng lola niyo. haha. Check it here. O diba? Kalowka! haha. Texted boyfie din to borrow his cam. Fel na fel ko talagang i-document yung event since FIRST time ko umattend ng ganito. haha.  Habang nasa office, nag-drawing na ang lola mo ng peg kong outfit based sa kung anong meron ako sa drawer ko. Mix-and-match nalang haha. Itech ang not-so-final outfit that I wore on the last Clinique Party:
Top: thrifted
Skirt: People are People
Shoes: Possibility, The Ramp Glorietta
Final outfit.
Flats: Pill, The Ramp Trinoma
Pasensya na po sa kadiliman/kalabuan ng picture since nakalimutan ko gumamit ng flash. Also, pardon our magulong bahay. haha.  Bilang nagbago ang isip ko last minute, nagpalit nalang ako from heels to flats. Feeling ko kase OA ang heels ko. Turned out, andami palang naka-heels nung party. :)) anyway, next time I'll just wear what I want and just be confident of my masterpiece! hihi.

Clinique's booth

The event was held last April 16, 2011 at Clinique's counter in Rustan's, Makati.  Nag-taxi nalang ang lola mo bilang di ko feel mag-commute noon at dumating ng pawisan sa event :)) baka di ako papasukin LOL.
When I arrived, I got so giddy and excited when I saw the other readers. Didn't know how to start a conversion at first. hihi. Nahihiya pa nga ko pumasok sa booth. haha. Then, I saw Ms. Liz. Woot! Na-STARSTRUCK ako. Inferr! Kalowka! haha. Gusto ko magpa-picture agad kaso nahiya pa ko so ikot-ikot nalang muna and checked on Clinique's products. hihi. Sa sobrang nahihiya pa ko pero gusto ko na agad ng picture, yan lang muna nakuha kong pic HAHA.
Liz sharing tips to one of the readers
Mahiyain pa nung una kaya sapatos ang napag-diskitahan.
I like her shoes...
and Kari's Ferretti shoes too.
Ms. Liz suddenly approached me & introduced me to KiraKari, Mira and the other girls. Sorry, I'm not really good in remembering names. But, I'm pretty good in remembering faces. hihi. Ms. Mira and Ms. Liz are pretty good hostesses. They're both soooo kind and very welcoming. They kept on asking us to eat and  kept on chatting with us. hihi. I love them to death! haha.

Mira, Clinique's Marketing Manager, and
The Ms. Liz Lanuzo of ProjectVanity
Mira & the girls :)

Liz & the other girls
The food. Yummeh!

Balloons & feathers is love. hihi. :">
While waiting for my turn for skin consultation, hindi na ko nahiya at nakipag-chismisan na w/ Liz, Mira & the other readers. The routine is, we'll have skin consultation with the lovely Clinique ladies  then, make-up session na. Here are the pics I took during the event:

the busy Clinique table
Clinique's lipstick & lipgloss collection
me(w/o make-up) & the beautiful Ms. Liz
Kari & Mara
Kari in action. Check her blog for super nice pics nung event :)
me & Malou; skin consultation moment
this is what Malou use to identify my Skin Type. Combination Oily for me. 
Loot bags after skin consultation. Based on skin type & skin concerns.
Thanks Liz, Mira & Clinique ♥

And here are the happy attendees (made-up version):

Photo credits to Kari :)
moi. Thanks to Ms. Vannie :">
Our MUA, Ms. Vannie, & Mara.
Photo credits to Kari :)

the happy Clinique girls
beautiful day w/ beautiful ladies ;)
My BIG THANK YOU for all the wonderful & beautiful people I met. *hugsss*. Thank you guys! I hope to meet you again soon and hear your beautiful stories, exchange amazing beauty finds & share everything under the sun. hihi. I learned a LOT from all of you. THANKS.

P.S: I don't know kung bakit po pumapangit resolution pag ni-post ko na dito yung pics but they look good on flickr naman. 

You may check the photos in better resolution via my flickr account--> here. :)

Note to self: I-maintain ang shape ng brows. It's amazing how one can look very different pag NEAT ang eyebrows niya. hihi. Bring accent to the eyes. :)


geishcharles said...

yay for your Lucy Liu 's eyes! pretty lori :))
i haf yet to document ng other photos ha. Nice post dear..followed ur blog alr as well.

lori said...

hello geischarles! haha. Thanks! go grab lang the photos dear! ;) will wait for your post bout the party ^__^

E! said...

nice brows, I must say! u should definitely maintain it :)...btw, kakaloka ka sa stolen shot while I was talking to Liz! one of the readers ha, LOL :)

cheers to new beauty friendships! :D

lori said...

haha. sori E! told yah i'm not good with names. :)) more of a pictographic memory :)) haha. post ur blog's link namern. i'll edit the captions din :))

Tanja said...

Sushalen! :)

Kari said...

Your note to self is my favorite part of this entry. :)) Nice meeting you :)

lori said...

@Tanja: haha. di naman teh. nag-inarte lang :))

@Kari: haha. Note to self talaga dapat. haha. kelangan umeyffort sa eyes :)) lol. Nice meeting you all! ;)