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May 23, 2011

Clinique: The Dr. is IN

Sorry for the late post, been very busy. hehe. ^__^

Got so excited when I opened my mail and saw Mira’s invite to this exclusive event.  Though, nauna ko nang nakita yung about sa event sa post ni Kira


Met Kira, Mira and Liz at Project Vanity’s Clinique SPArty in Makati.  Liz & Mira were pretty good hostesses so they already have this good impression on me.  Also, since the event is on a Friday(May, 6, 2011) and it will be in Trinoma, opted to come and bring officemates with me. I posted it here and voila… the girls called to reserve their slots. They were able to reserve for the 5:00PM to 5:30PM slot for skin consultation with Clinique’s guest Dermatologist. Told them to wear something girly. Hihi minsan lang naman um-outfit kaya gora na diba? Haha. Here’s what I wore for this event:

May 20, 2011

The Celebration: 3rd-Year Anniversary in the Metro + OOTD + FOTD

We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last April 26, 2011. And it was sooo much FUN. We should have celebrated it in HK but due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to join him in that HK trip. Kaya, we decided to celebrate it in the metro na lang. Haha. Where else? Syempre sa Makati. Haha.

We met around 1pm @ Clinique’s counter in Rustan’s Makati after I had my half-face coaching with Malou & Dindin. Purrfect ang timing ko, noh? Kelangan uma-aura sa anniv. lol. Then, we head straight to Glorietta 5 and had our lunch @ Chef d’ Angelo.

moi. contestant no. 34? haha.

Dumaan kaming Ferretti store sa Glorietta 5 to say hi to Liz sana pero wala pala si Liz nung time na yun. Hihi. Sayang. Next time na lang. ;)

After our super heavy lunch, we headed to Ban Sabai Spa, a Thai Spa, somewhere in Makati. Muntik na kaming mawala. Haha. Muntik lang naman.

Note to self: Next time, i-google maps muna ang address lol.

Our reservation was scheduled @ 4pm. We arrived earlier since ma-vovoid daw ang reservation namin if we arrive late. BUT, we were asked to wait, i think, for almost 30mins. watda?! Imagine how bored I am, bilang di ako sanay nang naka-steady lang. haha. Kaya naman, nagpictorial na lang ako within their receiving area. haha. Karamihan, vanity pics. lol. Here are some of the pictures I took while fighting boredom:
What I wore
Top: Plains & Prints
Shorts: Liberte
Wedge: Landmark Department Store
Earrings: Tiangge
Watch: gift from boyfie ♥
bought the shorts for that cutie ribbon. hihi :">

MUA: Dindin of Clinique (output ng half-face session)
Face: Clinique Perfectly Real Make-up Foundation - Sunny
Clinique Invisible Blend Loose Powder
Eyes: Clinique Truely Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
Clinique Long Lash Mascarra
Clinique Eyeliner
Lips: Clinique Tropical Corale lisptick

guess who's bored already? PRESENT! lol
dapat daw ganyan ang pose!
Ate masahista called us for our session na. The session lasted for 2 hours - 1 hour for the milk scrub + 1 hour for whole-body aromatherapy massage. I wasn't able to take pictures inside the massage area na. It was quite dark e at nakakahiya mag-flash baka magulantang mga customers. haha. This is both our first time having a spa massage. The 2 lady masahistas led us to our rooms. I was shocked when ate masahista told me to undress. haha. I was like,"kelangan po ba talaga?" haha. Then, she said na ganun daw talaga. At first, mejo naiilang pa ko but nawala din sa isip ko when Ate started the Milk Scrub. The milk scrub was darn good! Ang sarap sa balat ng warm milk at ang bango...purrfect! Binabad pa ko ni ate inside the room with the scrub on for 15 minutes, para daw maabsorb. Then, she told me to rinse-off in their shower room. The shower was quite small. At nag-IISA lang ang shower room nila so you have to wait for them to call you if wala ng tao sa labas at sa shower room.

After milk scrub, another hour was spent on the Aromatheraphy massage. It was pretty good though minsan nasasaktan talaga ko. haha. Pero keri naman. Loved the head massage. It was like kinikiliti yung ulo ko ng maliliit na karayom. That was pretty good.  

Actually, ang sarap ng tulog ko that night at sarap ng pakiramdam kinabukasan. Stress level down. haha

After the massage, nagutom kami pareho so we went to Ayala triangle for our dinner. PERO, andaming tao teh! good luck. So naglakad-lakad kami at napadpad sa Karate Kid dun sa may likod ng Ayala triangle. 

his food
his food pa rin
my food
Sorry, I don't eat sushi and yung mga kapamilya nun kaya bento inorder ko. hoho. XD
happy bee :)
After our dinner, we capped the day attending Pastor Bong Saquing's talk. Timely, the topic was all about insecurities. During the talk, tawa lang kami ng tawa. Palibhasa nakaka-relate minsan(?) haha. XD

Realized, it does NOT matter HOW or WHERE you celebrate your anniversary or important events like this. What's important is you are TOGETHER and laughing your heart out at whatever. haha. ♥ 

Love love love,

Lori ♥

*Note: Added FOTD :). Enjoy!

Care to share how you would spend an anniv in the metro? :)

May 19, 2011


Beauties, TARALETS!

Note: This is a re-post from the capricious club.

When: May 27, 2011
Where: 32nd Floor, The Lounge, Malayan Plaza Hotel, Ortigas
Entrance: P100.00


  1. Items on SALE are pre-loved clothes from our favorite online fashionistas.
  2. Get to meet the beautiful faces behind the awesome fashionista/beauty/wellness sites.
  3. Get to know the trends and gossips from the fashion community. *evil grin*
  4. Bloggers & readers get-together. ♥
  5. Get tips & tricks from notable style icons and beauty bloggers.
  6. Get to help the kids of K.I.D.S foundation since part of the proceeds will go to them. 
  7. It is always a humbling experience for me when I am surrounded by these beautiful people. 
  8. I gained a LOT of new-found friends attending to events like this. :)

Who's coming? :) 

Love love love,

Lori ♥

Invites: Parfois Friday

This is a re-post from Liz. :)

Parfois, a French accessory brand, invited Liz to be their Blogger Stylist of the day. C'mown, let's support her beauties! *winks*

Drop by between 4-7pm on the Parfois boutique in Megamall this Friday, May 20. First ten people who buy will get a free gift while Liz is still there. See ya! ;)

May 18, 2011

Looking Back: 3 years of Love and Friendship ♥

WARNING: Super loooong post ahead. Minsan lang magkwento, pagbigyan na. LOL.

"When God made you, He must have been thinking about me..."

I first heard this song during my cousin's wedding. While this song was playing, I carefully listen to the lyrics. I always do that when I listen to new songs. Suddenly, memories of Vin & me together just kept on flashing. All the love, the friendship, the storms we have faced hand in hand, all the tampuhan, the arguments, our dreams for our future together, how lucky I am to have found someone like him, how God has created such a beautiful love story and have chosen us as the main characters, how our paths have met...everything. This one great Christian love song is simply OUR SONG - it's US.

Then I noticed tears welling-up in my eyes. haha. Sorry, such a crybaby. haha.

The Story

More than 3 yrs ago, boyfie & I were almost strangers. We just know each other dahil orgmates kami nung college sa yuFieLbi  BUT we're not really friends or anything. haha. We're two different individuals kase. Boyfie is super tahimik while I am super daldal. Boyfie is so matipid & really knows how to handle money while I'm quite magastos. haha. OO na magastos na. lol. Pero I'm improving naman na, diba? lol. We have different interests, different principles on different issues, & the list goes on. Mas matured ang mga prinsipyo niya sa buhay while I'm more of a childish little girl before. We have a LOT of differences BUT we manage to use these differences at our advantage. Due to these differences, we were able to learn from each other. Due to these difference we were able to complete the missing pieces in our lives. It's nice growing mentally and emotionally with the love of your life. :) It's nice having a guy bestfriend, kuya & a boyfriend in one.

Anyway, as mentioned, we started as mere orgmates in an acad-org named, Young Software Engineers' Societyduring college in UPLB. Hindi kami close nung resident members pa kami pareho. He's ahead ng one year so nauna syang grumaduate. We just had our chance na makapag-chikahan on one of the campus tours for freshies na nag-volunteer ang org. I was one of the resident member who volunteered to do the campus tour. E timing na nasa eLBi din sya that time, he joined our group kase isa sa mga kasama ko sa group ay close nia. To not bore ourselves, we had kwentuhan, takutan, asaran and picture-picture moments during the tour.

Mitch & Lan. Vin & I on the center during the campust tour. ♥
Credits to Lanie who took the picture.
See that picture above? We had goosebumps when we saw this while browsing on old pictures. Premonition ba ito na magiging kame? haha. It pays volunteering noh? LOL.

Then came another event spear-headed by our beloved org. Ang sipag talaga ng org namin. Bongga diba? haha. The event was a seminar where there will be a lot of corporate IT people as guest speakers. We were tasked to suggest a title and an objective for this event. Dahil dyan, nag-survey ako sa lahat ng orgmates na contacts ko sa YM, including the alumni, and he was one of the few people who answered and gave quite good insights. Ewan ko kung pano nangyari but since then halos everyday na  kami magka-chat. It was like hindi kumpleto ang araw ko pag hindi ko sya naasar sa ym. haha >:) Then, we started texting each other kahit pa SMART pa ko nung at GLOBE sya. Then, my phone got lost at sya yung unang tinawagan ko bilang kabisado ko ang number niya. Pangalawa ko nalang natawagan ang tatay ko. haha. After my phone got lost, nag-globe na din ako.Then, level up na, from texting we started calling each other. He's been my confidant and ka-chikahan tuwing na-iistress na ko sa SP ko (parang thesis namin). He started going to eLBi and other org events more often. Later on, we started going out, friendly date lang ganun. Echusera! haha. Then finally, we started dating. haha. Tapos nagulat na lang ako nung April 26, 2008 kami na. lol. joke. haha. And the rest is history na lang. *winks*

eLBi FebFair 2008
lunch date @ KFC, eLBi w/ some friends :))
during an org event. inedit ng lolo mo at sinend sakin. hihi :">
this is our first picture as a couple. during my graduation ceremony.
2008: In a Glimpse

It was May 5, 2008 at first day namin (marami rami rin kase sa orgmates at batchmates ko nung college ang kasama ko sa same company) sa first job namin after we graduated college. My batchmates and I were all seated sa training room. Suddenly, Vin came out of nowhere. We were ALL shocked to see him as he entered the room. We were all like, “Anong ginagawa mo dito?!!!” haha. To my surprise, he also applied in that same company kung san kami nag-apply. Kahit na ang layo layo nito sa bahay nila at kahit na ilang oras ang byahe niya papunta-parito sa opis. Haha. I asked him kung bat di nia sinabi sakin, sabi nia para daw surprise. Inferr, LAHAT kami na-surprise. Haha. Adik sya! LOL.

SC Batchmates' 1st Anniv @ Szet's place
Bilang mahilig gumala ang mga batchmates namin sa opis, andami naming activities together as batchmates and boyfriend-girlfriend. It’s nice going to the office just to see him, sabay kayong papasok at uuwi from office, having someone who would calm you down whenever bad trip ako, just simply having him around brings sunshine to my everyday toxic corporate life. Here’s a few rundown ng mga ganap namin as batchmates from 2008-2010:

Baguio trip - Nov 2008
Credits to George/Kuya Tj
SC Christmas Party Dec 2008
eLBi FebFair Feb 2009
Photo credits: Tanjers :)
Zambales - Nueva Ecija trip 2008
Photo credits: Tanjers :)
Puerto Princesa, Palawan Sept 2009
SC Batch 2 Christmas Party Dec 2009 @ Agave
videoke @ Szet's place
@ the financial guru, Robert Allen's, seminar
SC Christmas party Dec 2010
F21 Mega gala w/ Vanie
Aquatica, Manila Ocean Park
...and lotsaaaaa other pictures ng gala na hindi ko pa naka-copy from facebook :)) Sori na. LOL.

To boyfie: THANK YOU...alam mo na kung bakit. haha. =P

Next up: 3rd-year Anniv celebration ^_____^ 

Love love love,

Lori ♥

May 4, 2011

The Doctor is IN: An Exclusive Clinique Consultation

Concerned about acne, blemishes, skin pigmentation or simply have sensitive and intolerant skin? Then  Clinique may hold the answers to all your skin care woes. We would like to invite YOU to the Clinique counter in Trinoma this week for an exclusive skin consultation. Guest dermatologists will be there to conduct a special skin care consultation and answer all your beauty concerns.

Contact the number above and reserve a slot today. We hope to see you there :)

Re-post from Kira ♥

Lori's notes: I'm one of the lucky girls who were able to attend one of Clinique's Event and I MUST say the event is a success. I am a newbie in make-up & stuff pero this event triggered my blossoming love for skincare, make-up & beauty. It's nice meeting fellow beauty enthusiasts & listen to their stories, tips & etc.

Call & reserve your slot na and grab your camera para may documentation! hehe ;)

May 3, 2011

First Glance @ Forever21, Makati

After attending an uber FUN Clinique Party last April 16, 2011, in the mood ako i-rampage ang made-up version ko. Sina Liz at Mara papuntang Glorietta 5 nun e. May bonding moment pa ata sila after, nahiya naman ako sumama kaya gumora na lang akong SM Makati. I must say SM Makati's beauty counter is a haven for newbie or pro-make-up & beauty enthusiasts. Lots of brands to choose from. ♥ I stayed quite long sa Majolica Majorca counter. Attracting ang pastel-colored counter nila e hihi.

Anyway, after mag-try try ng make-up & stuff, naisipan ko na ring pumasyal sa Forever21 store bilang di ko pa nakikita yung store nila dito sa Makati. And below are the "takas" shots I got inside the store.

They have LOTS of floral stuffs that are really "IN" this season. From bags.... 

i seriously love this one ♥♥♥
PINK + ♥-shaped lock = ♥

... to accessories:

earrings shoes for the FIERCE ladies:

..and shoes for the girlie ones:

I totally love this floral fedora. Eto lang ang kaisa-isang nasukat ko sa entire visit ko dun (Rants to follow. haha.)

Face: Clinique's Perfectly Real Make-up (forgot kung True Beige/Sunny)
Clinique's Blended Face Powder Invisible blend
Lips: Clinique lipstick in Tropical Corale
MUA: Ms. Vannie from the Clinique Party
..and look at these mannequins, ang galing ng nag-style. hihi:

tea house party

dress na shorts
What I love:
- NOT as big as F21, Mega but pretty the same collection as what you can see in Mega
- more accessible for me since I leave in Makati-area only. haha >:)
- friendly salespersons & kuya guard. haha. kahit nasita ako ni kuya guard dahil sa pasaway kong pagkuha ng ficture, he told me naman na bawal in a friendly way. :)) nahiya tuloy ako. LOL. hindi niya lang alam, andami ko nang nakuha haha. *evil laugh* >:)

What I don't love:
- super ONTI at SMALL FITTING ROOMS. OA ang haba ng pila to think hindi pa SALE nung nagpunta ko. Pano na lang kung SALE diba? They should really add fitting rooms, noh? At dahil tinamad na ko makipila, wala akong nasukat na damit. :(

- lacks MIRRORS. In a fashion boutique like this, necessary ang mirrors para you can check how the accessories look pag suot mo na. Habang nasa accessories section ako, it's quite hard na ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo sa uber PAYAT na mirror sa walls nila. Check this:

Eyffort diba?
They have circular hand-held mirrors for shades but still, it's quite SMALL. Walang mejo matabang mirror. hihi. ;))

- Grab different sizes of the same piece na lang when you fit para less pabalik-balik sa fitting room.
- Almost always kase I find the Mega branch "crowded" or madaming tao. Kaya if you prefer lesser people, you might also go here na lang. :)
- Go on a weekday. Goodluck sayo sa longer lines pag weekends. hehe =P

All in all, as what we can expect from F21, they have really nice pieces. But, they have to improve on their store pa. hehe. :)

Will definitely visit the store again since eto na pinakamalapit samin. Magtiis na lang sa mahabang pila & all. haha. At isa pa, as mentioned, laging maraming tao sa mega branch. hehe. ( paulit ulit? LOL. sorreh )

Care to share your F21, Makati experience?

Just click on my flickr badge on the right side for more pictures. :)