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May 20, 2011

The Celebration: 3rd-Year Anniversary in the Metro + OOTD + FOTD

We celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last April 26, 2011. And it was sooo much FUN. We should have celebrated it in HK but due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to join him in that HK trip. Kaya, we decided to celebrate it in the metro na lang. Haha. Where else? Syempre sa Makati. Haha.

We met around 1pm @ Clinique’s counter in Rustan’s Makati after I had my half-face coaching with Malou & Dindin. Purrfect ang timing ko, noh? Kelangan uma-aura sa anniv. lol. Then, we head straight to Glorietta 5 and had our lunch @ Chef d’ Angelo.

moi. contestant no. 34? haha.

Dumaan kaming Ferretti store sa Glorietta 5 to say hi to Liz sana pero wala pala si Liz nung time na yun. Hihi. Sayang. Next time na lang. ;)

After our super heavy lunch, we headed to Ban Sabai Spa, a Thai Spa, somewhere in Makati. Muntik na kaming mawala. Haha. Muntik lang naman.

Note to self: Next time, i-google maps muna ang address lol.

Our reservation was scheduled @ 4pm. We arrived earlier since ma-vovoid daw ang reservation namin if we arrive late. BUT, we were asked to wait, i think, for almost 30mins. watda?! Imagine how bored I am, bilang di ako sanay nang naka-steady lang. haha. Kaya naman, nagpictorial na lang ako within their receiving area. haha. Karamihan, vanity pics. lol. Here are some of the pictures I took while fighting boredom:
What I wore
Top: Plains & Prints
Shorts: Liberte
Wedge: Landmark Department Store
Earrings: Tiangge
Watch: gift from boyfie ♥
bought the shorts for that cutie ribbon. hihi :">

MUA: Dindin of Clinique (output ng half-face session)
Face: Clinique Perfectly Real Make-up Foundation - Sunny
Clinique Invisible Blend Loose Powder
Eyes: Clinique Truely Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
Clinique Long Lash Mascarra
Clinique Eyeliner
Lips: Clinique Tropical Corale lisptick

guess who's bored already? PRESENT! lol
dapat daw ganyan ang pose!
Ate masahista called us for our session na. The session lasted for 2 hours - 1 hour for the milk scrub + 1 hour for whole-body aromatherapy massage. I wasn't able to take pictures inside the massage area na. It was quite dark e at nakakahiya mag-flash baka magulantang mga customers. haha. This is both our first time having a spa massage. The 2 lady masahistas led us to our rooms. I was shocked when ate masahista told me to undress. haha. I was like,"kelangan po ba talaga?" haha. Then, she said na ganun daw talaga. At first, mejo naiilang pa ko but nawala din sa isip ko when Ate started the Milk Scrub. The milk scrub was darn good! Ang sarap sa balat ng warm milk at ang bango...purrfect! Binabad pa ko ni ate inside the room with the scrub on for 15 minutes, para daw maabsorb. Then, she told me to rinse-off in their shower room. The shower was quite small. At nag-IISA lang ang shower room nila so you have to wait for them to call you if wala ng tao sa labas at sa shower room.

After milk scrub, another hour was spent on the Aromatheraphy massage. It was pretty good though minsan nasasaktan talaga ko. haha. Pero keri naman. Loved the head massage. It was like kinikiliti yung ulo ko ng maliliit na karayom. That was pretty good.  

Actually, ang sarap ng tulog ko that night at sarap ng pakiramdam kinabukasan. Stress level down. haha

After the massage, nagutom kami pareho so we went to Ayala triangle for our dinner. PERO, andaming tao teh! good luck. So naglakad-lakad kami at napadpad sa Karate Kid dun sa may likod ng Ayala triangle. 

his food
his food pa rin
my food
Sorry, I don't eat sushi and yung mga kapamilya nun kaya bento inorder ko. hoho. XD
happy bee :)
After our dinner, we capped the day attending Pastor Bong Saquing's talk. Timely, the topic was all about insecurities. During the talk, tawa lang kami ng tawa. Palibhasa nakaka-relate minsan(?) haha. XD

Realized, it does NOT matter HOW or WHERE you celebrate your anniversary or important events like this. What's important is you are TOGETHER and laughing your heart out at whatever. haha. ♥ 

Love love love,

Lori ♥

*Note: Added FOTD :). Enjoy!

Care to share how you would spend an anniv in the metro? :)


Kari said...

I love your shorts! :D

beautylilsecrets said...

your FOTD looks real good! bagay syo :)

lori said...

@Kari: got that from Rob. Galle :) There were really cute finds sa Rob. noh? ;)

@beautylilsecrets: galing ni Dindin. haha. hope magaya ko sya. lol.

The Curious Zealot said...

Cute nyong dalawa!haha..and yep Kari's right cute shorts! :D

DeBi said...

cute ng shorts!

a new follower. :)

lori said...

@Angeli & Debi: bought it @ 400php only. pretty good steal noh? hihi *winks*

Welcome to my blog, Debi! Enjoy! :)

dada said...

taray ng makeup lubbit! i want your lipstick hihi

lori said...

@Da: bili na! haha. amishu! :-*

mestizay said...

i really like your shorts! so Cute!

lori said...

@mestizay: yay! thanks! go visit Robinson's Dept. Store. hihi ;)