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June 18, 2010

Welcome back to Me! :)

Welcome back to me!! haha. After almost 2 years of not blogging, here I am again reviving this little space in the world wide web that I have.

The previous weeks have been a very stressful week for me and my team. That's why it reminded me of one of the few things I love doing - dancing. As the cliche goes, "PAY NOW, PLAY LATER". For now, I need to focus on more important things. Need to hit my goal first AND need to hit it ver very SOON.

Anywei, I miss dancing soooo much. I'm not that good in dancing but I think it's somehow "bearable".haha. Despite that, i still love dancing. Dancing is where my heart is (cheezy much? haha). It has always always been my stress-reliever. When I'm dancing, nothing really matters but the music and the way my body moves & grooves with it. I still can't help moving my head/body/shoulders/feet whenever I hear "danceable" songs playing in my playlist.
Even if it means i look crazy moving my head/body/shoulders/feet while in the office in front of the computer. LOL. I miss being "tortured" during warm-up routines. I miss moving into the rhythm. I miss making new friends by attending different dance classes (Tandang Sora/AFP Theater/Greenhills. where to go next? LOL). I miss sweating like a pig. I miss the bodyache I will surely experience the day after attending dance class. I miss going crazy doing really crazy steps. I miss being wild while in the dancefloor once in a while. haha. I miss shakin' some booty. LOL(reminded me of dancing one of Beyonce's songs and that booty-shakin' dance step a guy from Brewing Point taught us. LOL). I miss Brewing Point, All Star Danceschool and Gforce.

After hitting my goal, I will surely head to the nearest dance studio. LOL. Oh, I should get myself a new pair of dancing shoes first. haha. My dancing shoes "retired" last month. Need to buy a new one. *ahem* commission *ahem* haha.

Future dance plans: I miss hiphop but I think I'm gonna explore other dance genre like ballroom, bellydancing, and etc. Been amazed on how graceful bellydancers are. hehe.

Want to know my goals? Will be sharing about my goals on my next (or next-next? LOL) blogs. Not quite sure what to blog next. haha. But definitely, I'll be blogging again. haha. See ya!


tanjers said...

Yey weebee! Magpraktis ka kasi magsayaw dito sa office. Jeje

lori said...

haha. thanks... kumusta naman yun? mahiyain ako e. LOL.