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October 20, 2008

lost and found....

Last Saturday, I had a talk with Hnormie, my friend-slash-dormmate-slash-lola (oh yes, i call her "lola"..haha), and it made me realize a lot of things.

She made me realize that for me to be able to share happiness, I need to own it first.

I love a lot. I love my family, my special someone, and my friends . I loved them too much that I forgot to save something for myself. I'm bothered that I've caused them pain, or sadness..or......

Right now, I just thought I need to change...My happiness should not be based on other people's happiness...

I want these people to be happy. I want to share happiness to these people and I must start within myself.

[Disclaimer: hindi ako nagi-emo...gusto ko lang isulat ang mga naiisip ko...haha XD]

"A sense of possesing needs to come before a sense of genuine sharing. Possess yourself first with your sense of identity and self-worth so that you can genuinely share it to others." -- from 7 Habits

friends, bear with me in this journey... Thanks. :)

"some people are more than willing to go through on that journey with you, but sometimes we just neglect their presence..and what hurts in the end is what we've been searching for all this time is just right in front of us.. " -- sabi ni hnromie


Anonymous said...

apir. :) hehehe.

happiness is also despite of, not just because of. it comes from within. galing yun sa Kanya. smile! baguio trip na! hahaha naisingit lang e. :)

lori said...

haha...kaya nga kelangang mag-baguio...nang makapag nilay-nilay! yey!

wala lang...naisip ko lang din ang mga bagay-bagay...hehe

tama tama! galing yun sa Kanya! yey! hmm...Happiness is a choice. cmown! yey!

baguio baguio! haha XD

Hnormie said...

kulang k lng sa tulog lolable!
drink plenty of water before u sleep..hehe!

lori said...

@hnormie: lola, feeling ko nga rin...haha XD

harayers said...

panu ka makakapag nilay nilay kung lagi ka giniginaw? hehe praktis na sa aircon dito sa opis.

jollibee happy

lori said...

@harayers: panu naman ako hindi giginawin kung binababaan niyo nang binabaan temp ng aircon?? o.0 XP