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June 27, 2011

Bobbi Brown: Bye Bye Dark Circles

When: May 18, 2011 (Wednesday) 
Where: Rustan's Makati
bye bye, dark circles
Bye Bye, Darck Circles! 
Days ago, the ever beautiful, Charles, invited me to Bobbi Brown’s Bye Bye Dark Circles event at Rustan’s,  Makati. At first, I was hesitant.WHY? First, the event falls on a weekday, which means I’ll come from the office in Quezon City tapos will commute to Makati. Second, it will start at 2pm. Therefore, either I’ll file it as leave OR I’ll just come back to the office after the event. To go or not to go, that was the question… hmmm...??

To help my biased  self decide (hindi ba obvious kung bakit biased? haha), I listed down reasons why I should go and came up with the following:
  • Reunion with Charles and kwentuhan na rin with the other beauty bloggers I met during Liz’s Clinique Party.
  •  Lotsa “picture picture” moments with the beauties. Practice na rin ng pag-cover ng events.
  • Bobbi Brown is kinda new to me so this is a great opportunity na rin to learn more about the brand and their products. I am totally clueless of their wide range of skincare and beauty products.
  • Meet and greet/chat with the legendary, Kai Vinson. Honestly, I really don’t know anything about him. Na-excite lang ako sa mga kwento ni Charles about sa kanya bilang Senior Make-up Artist sya ng BB na based sa New York, ang gwapo daw ng partner niya, at close sila ni Bobbi Brown herself.  O diba, chismax kung chismax! Haha.
  • FEW selected bloggers lang ang invited so SUPER sayang naman ang opportunity kung iti-turn down. SUPER limited slots.
  • And YES, curious ako kung anong loots. Haha. XD

Haha. So alam niyo na kung anong desisyon ko? Syempre, TO GO! Haha. Balik na lang ako ng work after the event. Mahirap namang andami kong WHAT IFs sa buhay diba? LOL. In short, gora lang ng gora dapat! Haha.

Here's what I wore for this event:

Top: Pink Floral Sleeveless from Landmark Dept. Store
Cardigan: from Tiangge
Skirt: Denim skirt from NEXT Jeans
Shoes: Black wedge from Landmark Dept. Store
Charles was super KIND naman to offer na sabay na lang daw ako sa kanya para hindi na ko mag-commute bilang sa QC din naman sya manggagaling. PERO PERO PERO, maaga pala ang call time ng lola mo sa Rustan’s. Around 8am ata ang call time ng lola mo kaya sabi ko commute nalang ako. haha.  Yung thought na maisipan niya kong isabay is super SWEET for me. Thanks TEH!  ;)

Ganito ang byahe ko noong araw na ito:
  • From Makati, go to work in QC via a bus from Guadalupe. (travel time: approx. 1hr - 1.5hrs)
  • Leave QC office at 1pm. Go to Buendia via MRT. (travel time: approx. 30 mins - 1hr)
  • From MRT Buendia, ride a bus to Ayala. Go to Ate Eva’s office to get the camera. (travel time: considering traffic & everything approx. 30mins)
  •  From Ayala(Rufino), tumawid sa sangkaterbang underpass papuntang LOADING station. Then, ride a bus to Rustan’s. 
  • After the event, from Rustan’s maglakad uli sa sangkaterbang underpass papuntang LOADING station.  Tapos sumakay ng bus pa-QC. (travel time: considering traffic & napakalayong LOADING station approx. 1.5hrs-2hrs)
  •  Pag baba ng bus, tawid ng overpass papuntang office
Feeling ko after ng araw na ‘to, BEST in WALKING na 'ko. Haha. And imagine doing all the walking at pagtawid-sa-sangkaterbang-underpass-at-overpass nang naka-HEELS. Oha! Bongga diba?! Haha. Sa kahusayan ko, nakalimutan kong magdala ng slippers or flats man lang pang walkathon. haha. I know, I know, MAHUSAY diba? Super TIIS-GANDA ang peg haha. LOL.

Howell, all the super tiis-ganda moments paid off nung andun nako sa event. :) I wanna thank Charles again for inviting me. :) 

When I arrived, waley na ko time mag retouch or magsuklay man lang dahil pagpasok ko ng Rustan's, bubungad agad sayo ang BB booth at ang tumpok tumpok na tao na umattend ng event. So, sa mga nakakita sakin, pardon the "Haggardo Verzosa" look. Uso yan ngayon, di niyo alam? haha.

the BB booth
Pag pasok ko, nakita ko agad si Eenah, Charles and Angeli. Eenah was watching someone being made-up, Angeli was busy taking pictures, and Charles was busy being photographed/filmed. 

happy Angeli & her cam
Thebestsoylatteandme documenting geishcarles' outfit
Trina documenting Charles' outfit

geishcharles & papa E
the ever gorgeous Charles & the ever supportive Papa E ♥
When Charles noticed me, she introduced me to the other bloggers and vloggers present.
Kath, Eenah, Angeli, Trina & Charles
sad lang kase wala pa si Sugar nung di pa-lowbatt cam ko :(
Ang shala ng event! I didn't expect na ganito ka-shala! haha. Upon arrival, I was offered a drink agad by the prompt Kuya food servers.  And yes, there were food servers with lotsa food trays offering us something to munch on while busy kaming chumismax, magpicture at manuod ng minamake-over. Ganun ka-shala yung event! Bongga!

drinks for us
our table

kuya waiter posed for us
one of the Kuya food servers posed for us :)

one busy BB table
BB even managed to setup a photo wall so attendees can have their BEFORE and AFTER the makeover pictures. Lakas maka-awards night ng photo wall diba? haha. Sana nag-gown kami. LOL. Kidding. haha. Define S-H-A-L-A!
photo wall
the photo wall
Each of us had our own session with the BB make-up artists teaching us how to choose the right shade of the corrector and the concealer. While it wasn't my turn yet, nag-ikot-ikot na muna ako to take LOTSA picturessss. As usual. hehe. I love documenting every event na mapuntahan ko e. hehe. Kaya every event post I post here is a photo-heavy post. haha. Sorreh. Here are some of the pictures I took during the event:
BB's make-up box
Can I take this home with me, pls? XD

take this home w/ me pls haha XD
the seats ♥ it

on the floor

i love geishcharles' shoes ♥
this is what the girls do while someone's on the makeover seat. haha
hongkyot talaga ng shoes ni Charles ♥

Want to say "Bye Bye" to those stubborn under-eye dark circles? Here's how great Bobbi Brown's eye corrector and concealer is:
see the difference?
See the difference? 'nuff said.
Left: without BB corrector & concealer
Right: with BB corrector & concealer

Eenah & our MUA Noel
When my turn came, Eenah was kind enough to took pictures of me while I'm getting my make-over, by no other than, Noel. :) Thanks Eenah! :)
noel teaching me how to know the right shade of foundation
Noel teaching me how to know the right shade of foundation
After the make-over, bloggers and vloggers had our chance to talk with the legendary Kai Vinson. He is BB's New-York based Senior MUA.
Kai Vinson in action
Here are some of the tips Kai shared to us:
- When you are in a hurry, put on a bright lipstick so that no one will notice your bare face. You may put the rest while you're inside the car. hehe.
- For puffy and/or dark circles, put green tea bags or cucumber to reduce puffiness and/or darkness. :)
- Avoid any salty or sweet food one week before the event that you're planning to attend. This will do magic to your skin. :)

Kai also spilled dates for some of BB's product launch here in the Philippines. He also managed to talk about Bobbi Brown. 
Bobbi Brown
Photo from
Bobbi believes that "makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident." Through Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi enables every woman to enhance her unique beauty. With straightforward, easy-to-use cosmetics in timeless hues, all formulated to create a smooth, natural, and healthy appearance.

The message was clear: Women wanted makeup that was simple, flattering, and wearable.
                                                                                                                                                                        - from Bobbi's story

This was also what Kai kept on telling us as he managed to chismax Bobbi's vision & mission in creating BB cosmetics. Kai said lots of nice stuff about Bobbi. I suddenly became a fan of Ms. Bobbi Brown because of Kai's stories. hehe. There was a time daw that a new product was about to launch when suddenly Bobbi wanted the formula be re-formulated. She thought of a new formula daw and have the product re-launched because she only wants to deliver the best for her customers. CUSTOMER FIRST indeed! For me, that just spells PASSION, DEDICATION and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION+++ :)

Anywei, we really had so much FUN talking with "the Kai Vinson". He's very approachable and so makwento. haha. After the event. Mona, BB's manager, gave us these oh-so-pretty and to-die-for palette:

thanks Bobbi Brown ♥
Thank you Bobbi Brown! ♥
love the shades
Classic Day Palette
Blush: Pale Pink
Eye Shadow: Bone, Taupe, Caviar
This palette, as the name implies, is perfect for everyday use. Love the creamy formula and the blush is sooo pigmented. I fell in love with the blush immediately since it perfectly looks natural on me. May katamaran akong mag eye shadow e. When I'm in a hurry, which is usually the case, I just put foundation then blush then mascara sa mata ko then lipistick then gora na. haha. This palette is a mainstay in my kikay kit which I always bring with me, along with the other stuff I have. haha. 
one happy gurl! ^__^
Anywei, thanks Bobbi Brown! Thanks Charles! Thank you sa lahat ng beauties na nakilala ko! I hope to see you again soon. Ahem, reunion naman jan! haha :))
my beauties ♥
Til next time! ^___^
I am looking forward to more chikahan moments with you guys. Of course, with the beautiful Sugar din bilang waley sya sa picture sa taas. hehe. :)

Love, love, love,
Lori ♥♥♥

NOTE: For more pictures of the event, click here.


Apple said...

huwat!!!sayang,sana andon ako,super concern ko talaga ung dark circle.. o.0

lori said...

aww. try their corrector and concealer. nagulat din ako nung nakita ko pic ni eenah e. grabeh difference eh. purrfect! XD

shopgirl jen said...

i was planning to signed up for this, huhuhu. sayang d ko tinuloy :( anyway, sana maulit muli! ooohhh i love what you got! :)

lori said...

sayang naman you didn't pursue. anywei, yeah, i ♥ it too. ang neutral lang ng colors. pedeng pang-opis everyday. haha XD purrfect talaga!

sugar sugar said...

thank you for mentioning me dear haha! i think your camera hates me. :p but that's ok, next time babawi ako dyan sa camera mo. ^__^

lori said...

haha. i don't think my camera hates you. my camera loves beautiful girls e so im sure it doesn't hate you. haha. makapambola lang. haha. tuhmuh, bawi ka sa cam ko. lol. i'd like to take a pic with you pa naman. u have model physique. bongga! ;)

beautylilsecrets said...

ahahah! ang cute mo tlga Lori! can i borrow some of your shots too? ang kulet ng shot ko! LOL :P

fashioneggpplant said...

bobbi brown is really amazing, the concealer works really well :)

lori said...

@eenah: haha. sure. grab the photos na lang from my flickr acct. :)

@fashioneggplant: yeah. BB's corrector does magic, noh? I'm also loving their blush right now. ♥ Love at first use? haha. Anywei, thanks for dropping by. :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

OMG! loren! It seems like you had lots of fun!!! so jealous! love the palette you got!

lori said...

Hi Ann,
Yup! It was super fun. BB knows how to put up an extravagant event! lol. makapag-extravagant naman ako diba? haha. Loving the palette too. ♥

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Roxiita Guzman said...

nice post! :)
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and also on >FACEBOOK!!

see you there! :)

SunnyToast said...

I guess you had fun with the event..hope to see more photos:)

Happy blogging..your new follower hope you follow back:)

lori said...

Hi Roxiita & SunnyToast!

Yup, I really enjoyed the event! Thanks for the follow!

Happy reading! :)