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July 7, 2011

Colour Collection items SOLD here!

Colors that come alive.
Shades that are richer and more vibrant. Hues that last a long time.
For 18 years, Colour Collection has captured women with its dazzling makeup line that's so easy on the pocket. Colour Collection offers a wide range of colors to capture a woman's every mood-from sweet to sophisticated. Its beautiful and rich palette of colors have been especially created to inspire and excite-adding a lovely dimension to every woman's moods and looks.
I've been eyeing Colour collection items since I saw them at Project Vanity's site. Liz reviewed a LOT of CC products and have good words about them. This got me sooo interested on having my own or at least testing CC products.

BUT, I do NOT know anyone who sells the product. Tupperware is a Direct Selling company that sells from tupperwares to skin care products to clothes to etc. Colour collection, being a brand under Tupperware Brands, is also distributed via Tupperware Brands distributors. Personally, I do NOT know anyone from my circle of friends who is a Tupperware Brands distributor. 

Then suddenly one night, my mom told me that she joined Tupperware Brands and is now a distributor of the brand. I grabbed the brochure immediately and drool over the pretty shades of lippies that Colour Collection has to offer. haha.

To help my mom, I'll help her sell the Colour Collection items since I know a LOT of women who would want to get their hands on these adorable items. haha. :)) I already have a part-time business and it wouldn't hurt if I would add another one diba? hihi.

So, yeah, I am NOW accepting orders for Colour Collection items. I'll be posting the reviews and pictures of CC products from different bloggers . hihi. You may click the link to read about the review. ^___^

What do bloggers say about Colour Collection?

Divine Wine, Rose Minx, Paradise Pink, Fuchsia Glitz
Photo by Ms. Shen

Crimson Pink
Photo by Liz
Liz trying out Crimson Pink
Photo by Liz
CC Triple Effect Mascara
Photo by Liz
Liz on Triple Effect Mascara
Photo by Liz
Liz of Project Vanity on CC's BB Cream

Photo by Liz
You may check more of Liz's review HERE.

Next up: HOW TO ORDER?


Apple said...

wow BB cream,I want woohoo!

wickeRmoss said...

businesswoman!!! haylavet!!

lori said...

wahaha. HOW TO ORDER na next. lol :))

Christine Iversen said...

Those eyeshadow quads and lipsticks look amazing :)

Love Christine ♥

lori said...

Hi christine, for orders just email me by clicking the Contact Me tab on my page. thanks guys!