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July 14, 2011

Reblogged: Sugar sugar's - Sigma F80 Giveaway

[Edited title. I think it's better that way. haha. sorreh XD]

Hi beauties,

One of the gorgeous ladies I know, Sugar, is currently having a Sigma F80 Giveaway. I would just like to re-post this for anyone who's interested:

Photo from Sugar
For RULES and everything else pls check Sugar's post here.

I joined this coz I really want that brush and for FUN na rin. haha
Join na tayo mga TEH! ^____^


Anonymous said...

awww hi lor...
i just saw your name from tiffie's blog post! uhmmm would you mind joining my giveaway *shy*
i just followed you *winks*

Anonymous said...


sugar sugar said...

thanks for joining sis! when i get rich i will give everyone a sigma brush LOL! di lang isa. puro set pa. :P

goodluck! :)

lori said...

@Diane: i'll try later, dear! Thanks for the follow!

@sugar: haha. ur one generous girl! magpapaulan ng brush? lol :))