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April 11, 2012

Quick Post: Caine's Arcade - a 9-year old kid's Cardboard Arcade

I know I've been MIA for a decade LOL but I REALLY REALLY have to share this VERY INSPIRING  video of a 9-year old boy who got his college fund using his very own weapon: CREATIVITY.

I was like: WATDAFUUUUUUU!!!! This kid is a BILLIONAIRE in the making.

WARNING: This video will soon be part of history. (naks!) You'll know why after watching.

- Steve Wozniack & Steve Jobs started Apple in Wozniak's garage.
- Mattel, the company behind the iconic toy, Barbie, started their business out of the garage of their South California home.
- Michael Dell started initial operations of Dell company at his own dorm room.

...and a LOT of multi-billion dollar companies today, started it SMALL but made it BIG in their chosen businesses. I'm making a bet, this kid will be ONE of them. Watcha think? ;)


SunnyToast said...

that is why! we should not stop dreaming! dream big! aja for us!

Sharina said...

WOW! Amazing!!! :) Galing naman ng batang to! :)

New follower ehre!